Laser Hire

4.7 Rig Hire Deal

The SALA is pleased to offer an extraordinary deal to Junior Laser sailors, allowing them cheaper entry into the class.  With our 4.7 Rig Hire Deal, SALA will "hire" you a new or used 4.7 rig for a low cost, eliminating the need for buying a 4.7 rig in addition to a new boat.

Interested sailors shoulder register ASAP as there is a lot of interest. Linked below is the Terms & Conditions that outlines the deal. Sailors must be under 19 years old and between 45-60 kgs ( 52+ is ideal)

Download the Terms & Conditions of Hire.

Choose a New Rig or Used Rig


What will I get?

You will get a 4.7 sail and a mast bottom section

How much will it cost to hire?

New $350

Used $250

Starting October 1 for 1 Year. Winter hire may be available by request.

Will I get a boat, spars and mast top section?

No, not as part of this agreement. SALA have 2 complete associaiton boats available to hire. If available lease is possible by contacting SALA.  or, SALA will work with you and your club representative to help you find one to buy, borrow or hire. 

What am I expected to do in return

We do expect you to make a commitment to sailing at SALA events. We want you to commit to attend as many SALA events as possible as well as the State Championships if you have hired the rig for the summer season. This way you will be sailing with a large number of 4.7 sailors, and will have more fun! 

If you can't sail in the States we will expect you to provide the rig for another sailor if needed, so that there is a full fleet 

When there aren't any SALA events on we want you to commit to sail as much as you can at your home club and help spread the word about what a fantastic boat the Laser is!

What if I don't sail as often as I said I would?

We're pretty sure that won't happen, but there are others on the waiting list who will be disappointed if they can't have a go. We reserve the right to terminate the hiring arrangement if the rig is not being used or is being abused.

What happens if the gear gets damaged or broken?

You must insure the rig with the boat you are using. In fact it is compulsory for all boats participating in official races to be fully insured. 
If the hired property is damaged, SALA should be notified, and then the damage repaired or parts replaced to enable its continued use. The rig should be returned in good condition at the end of the hire period. Sail repairs should be done by a reputable sailmaker.

Will I get any training?

Yes, lots. SALA runs training days, and we will run special clinics for the 4.7ers. There is a 4.7 Training Group set up through Australian Sailing - SA that we would help you join in with. We want you to enjoy this class and will give you lots of opportunities to develop your sailing skills. BUT ITS UP TO YOU; PUT IN THE EFFORT AND GET THE REWARDS.

What do I have to do?

You have to do a few things: look after the gear (we'll make sure you know how), keep it in good repair, sail regularly at SALA events (Winter Frostbite, Metro series, States), sail regularly at your club races.

What will SALA do for me?

Here are some things SALA will do: you'll get free SALA membership for the year; we'll give you moral support; we'll arrange a mentor from your club for you; we'll help find hulls and other parts; we'll assist with arranging transport to and from SALA events; you'll get training, and that's just for starters!

What happens at the end of the hire period?

We want you to buy a boat and rig and join the SA Laser fleet as a fully fledged boat owner. The 4.7 hire rig isn't available for sale, but will be put out for hire to the next applicant. If the rig is still available it may be possible for you to continue with the hire for another season.